Video Work

Below you'll find a collection of work examples I've created for companies such as Funimation, Insala, PSAV, and ArteFact Production.

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Jose Briseno Demo Reel

This is my demo reel for 2016. Since that time I have changed my homepage to This piece was created using Adobe Creative Cloud, Video Copilot's Element 3d, and Red Giant's Particular plugin.



Insala Corporate Alumni Solutions

During my time as Creative Director for Insala I had the opportunity to create many videos for their emerging platforms. One such platform was the Corporate Alumni Solution. This piece was created using Adobe Creative Cloud.



Insala Vision Promo

During my time at Insala there was a desire to refocus their messaging and to effectively communicate their brand strategy. Using footage from Dissolve media I edited this video into their primary brand advertisement. This was created using the Adobe Creative Cloud suite.



The Crew - Voice Actor Auditions

This is a video we created at ArteFact Production to announce our national voice actor casting call for our show The Crew. It was created using Adobe Creative Cloud, Manga Studio EX5, Red Giant Trapcode Suite, and Video Copilot's Action Movie Essentials 2k.



ShoDojo Ad

This is an ad for a social network that never came to fruition. It was created using Final Cut Pro, After Effects, and Photoshop.