Cecelia Fanning

Cecelia Fanning is a clever hero never short of bright ideas! Her ceiling fan skirt acts as her weapon!

Cosmic Eel is a cool and colorful hero

Cosmic Eel is a unique and colorful hero that moves smoothly, emitting a song as he glides toward you.

Captain Gun

If you need fun, call Captain Gun! Well intentioned, he somehow always misses the mark.

Donny and Dusty are low level criminals trying to make a name for themselves.

Technically part of the B.F.F.s, Leroy helps with smaller tasks and is the "canary in the coal mine".

MeMaw is on a mission to help cats! Her faithful sidekick Myles acts as her eyes and ears.


Once a refrigerator repair man, Mr. Crisper now embraces his role as a hero using a mutation to inspire others to chase their dreams too!

Spinfinity high kicks to a beat of his own drum. The "flying disks" are not just his weapons but part of his exercise video available in stores now!

On the decline and barely holding it together, Zang Beckly is the host of a talk show with uncommon interview practices!

Every hero team needs a four legged friend and Disaster Dog is the answer! Don't make any sudden movements, loud noises or aggresive gestures.

The quintessential hero, Dansby is both cool and charming. Don't worry, he'll never let you down.

Her noose ponytail, expression sleeves, and straight jacket are all we know about Asylum Girl.

Mystery and speculation surround Lil' Husker. The story goes this toddler can transform into a husky!

Myles is the second half of this hero duo "helping" MeMaw in his own special way.


Not much is known about Prickly Pear other than his limited ability to fight crime as a potted cactus. Headbutts are his signature move.


Spivey is a merchant of sorts whose skin opens to reveal an assortment of everyday items he sees as special and one of a kind.


Make it quick! Vito isn't the sharing type and doesn't have time for a lot of questions. If he doesn't have it you don't need it!


Docturnal's posse consists of animals he's rescued and now uses as partners in petty theft. No pennies, Scraps!