Below you'll find galleries and examples of illustrations I have created for personal and professional purposes.

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Traditional Art

Here is a collection of personal illustrations made traditionally, with pen, paper, and ink! Although I work almost exclusively in a digital space now, I still like to pick up a pencil and draw.


The Crew Concept Art

Here is a collection of digital illustrations created for Arte-Fact Production's show The Crew! I illustrate create new characters every other week in the Arte-Fact Production live stream!

SmodCo Production Art

Kevin Smith held the national #DarkSideKnight animation contest and I won! I had the opportunity to work as a Director of Animation for his SModCo cartoon show, and made various cartoons set to his SmodCast Podcast audio. Here are some examples of the character sheets I created during that time. You can see my animation work of the SmodCo Cartoon Show DVD.

Fan Art

Here is a small collection of fan art I have created. Some are Traditionally rendered, while others are digitally created.