I don't even know where to begin, so I'll start with another beautiful addition to our fan art page of Matty by the lovely Tahlla Taylor. Knowing the time and effort that went into that piece as a way of showing support is humbling. Thank you so much Tahlla! To enter for a chance to win the next podcast listener giveaway prize, simply Tweet us your own original piece based off any of the concept art session creations or our four main characters!

As Joey mentioned in the podcast last week, we will be implementing changes to our schedule that allow us to get back to the joy of continuing to create The Crew and writing. Tomorrow we will be doing another live stream concept art session at 7:30 CST where we'll share with you new ideas we have for the show and draw some of your own suggestions! Additionally, Sketchy Saturday and Joey's blog posts will happen when he can make time for them to allow his work to remain uninterrupted.

As for casting... WE'VE FOUND OUR MATTY AND DANE! Matty will be voiced by Becca Zabolio, who will be making her professional voice acting debut with The Crew! Next week she will be joining us on our podcast to tell us a little about herself, what got her interested in voice acting, and you'll get to hear a sample of the audition that landed her the role of Matty!

For the part of Dane, we've been fortunate enough to cast someone we've dreamt of filling this role since the beginning - Theo Von. To learn more about Theo, you can follow him on Twitter, watch his Netflix special entitled No Offense, or listen to his new comedy album 30lb Bag of Hamster Bones, available now on iTunes!

Finally, we would again like to thank everyone that has continued to support us and all those that have auditioned! Until next time....

March on the Horizon

There are only seven days left including today in the month of February; we feel each hour of those days! With cooler weather signaling Spring right around the corner, the Kickstarter we will launch is running up to meet us.

A rough early model of  The Crew's  house that will be in the Kickstarter preview this Spring.

A rough early model of The Crew's house that will be in the Kickstarter preview this Spring.

In March, we are planning on having our four principal characters locked and will begin casting for minor and reoccurring roles. As many of you already know, we have a podcast that comes out every Tuesday which gives you an opportunity to learn more about who we are at Arte Fact Production and to follow the progress of our animation, The Crew. As we announce cast members we will create profiles for them and we also plan on featuring them on the podcast. We are excited to have them as future guests and for our supporters to get to know what interested them in The Crew!

As we briefly touched on in our latest podcast, we will have another listener giveaway in the coming weeks and all it takes to be entered is a fan art submission. Once you tweet us your piece, we will feature it on our website's gallery. Aside from the main characters, your entry can be any of the new roles we create in our live stream concept art session. Have fun and enter for your chance to win!

Be sure to join us this Thursday again on YouTube at 7:30 CST to catch our hour long live stream concept art session and to get a glimpse of new characters you can expect to see on The Crew. To watch last week's stream click here and don't forget to subscribe and share with friends! Tune in a couple of minutes early and watch the new Mo Chibi drawing join Matty along the bottom of the wait screen.


More Fan Art, #Cageface Contest, and Concept Art Livestream Tomorrow!

It's already Wednesday?! Time is flying by! We've gotten more great auditions this week and continue to receive support from those that are excited to see where The Crew is going and want to come along for the ride. We'd like to express our gratitude once more by thanking everyone! Being on this side of The Crew and getting to interact with people from all walks of life is proof that there are those that truly understand the desire to produce something great and creativity has no age limit.

If you haven't already heard this week's podcast, you may not know we are having a contest for our listeners to win a Nic Cage face that the Alamo Draft House was giving away to those that attended this year's C4GED event in Austin. Our own writer, Aidan Myles Green, has kindly offered this as our first listener giveaway prize! To win, all you need to do is tweet us your useless superpower and use the hashtags #cageface #TheCrew! Some have direct messaged us since we actively communicate with our supporters and which is fine too! If you don't have Twitter you can find us on Instagram and comment or message us your useless power there as well.

Today we will be adding a new gallery on our website which will feature fan art to highlight those that would like to give us their interpretation of our characters or draw scenes they've imagined. You can tweet us yours to have it featured on our site too! Here is this week's newest addition that quite accurately brings to life the colorful Mo!

This hilarious drawing is courtesy of  Seth Tyler Jackson  via Twitter

This hilarious drawing is courtesy of Seth Tyler Jackson via Twitter

Lastly, tomorrow at 7:30 PM CST we will be live streaming via Periscope a concept art session! We haven't decided what we will draw but want to give you an opportunity to engage in our process when creating the world of The Crew. Be sure to watch and participate by giving us your feedback! Join us every Thursday for this and be sure to follow us, subscribe, and share with your friends.

Updates! Auditions! Fan Art! Shoutouts!

Where do we begin?! The countless phenomenal auditions? The first piece of fan art? The support of a few Comic Book Men?!

WHEW! We made it through our first week with The Crew and it has been full of wonderful surprises and an outpouring of support that we didn't anticipate so soon. This week we will begin reaching out to a few individuals but by no means have we made any final decisions. Additionally, we would like to make clear to everyone that casting will continue throughout the entire series even for smaller/reoccurring roles and those that first auditioned for our principal characters will be used to give as many of our supporters an opportunity to be a part of The Crew.

On a different note, one of our wonderful early supporters @becca_zabolio tweeted us this beautiful drawing of Matty. Feel free to tweet us and share your drawings too! Who knows - we might just use them in an episode!

And finally, we would be remiss if we didn't say a big Thank You to Michael Zapcic, Ming Chen, and Kevin Smith for the likes and retweets in support of former SMODCO animator and now creator/animator of The Crew, Jose Briseno. 

Check out our new weekly podcast up today, and don't forget to follow, subscribe, and share!