The Crew - Assembling The Crew

Hello, and welcome to the continuation of last Friday's blog post, The Crew - Humble Beginnings.

Now, where did I leave off? Oh yeah! So, this is Myles...


Myles and I have an interesting relationship. Ever since he knew what he wanted to be, he's said he wanted to be a filmmaker. Being the (much) older of the two, I used to take him to see movies, talk to him about cameras or VFX techniques, and at family get-togethers we'd hang out and discuss current theatrical releases. I once took him to a midnight screening of The Room, a movie neither of us had seen at the time, and it was an amazing experience I'll never forget. (SPOON!) As time progressed, Myles and I, for whatever reason, kind of drifted apart. We'd still talk about movies when we saw each other, but life had somewhat changed us as we'd grown up.


It was a bit disheartening when we first presented Myles with the idea for The Crew and he didn't immediately jump on board production, pledging unwavering loyalty for eternity. Myles was entering his last semester of college, and along with that he was moving across country to L.A. Catalina had decided to throw him a sort of going-away party with just the three of us, and during this party I let her know that we should try presenting the idea for The Crew to him. In my mind I knew that Myles was amazing at writing dialogue; we'd once entered a 48-hour film race, and watching him produce a script from just ideas was very impressive. We didn't win, and we didn't even get to have our video screened thanks to a rendering issue, but it really showed me where his strengths lied. The going-away party was really fun, but in the back of my mind I was trying to find the right time to broach the topic with him. Eventually a lull in festivities came, and when Catalina and I told him about the project, he laughed at the idea and story we'd presented, but didn't really have the desire to commit. Looking back on it now, there was simply too much on his plate to even consider working on the project. Nevertheless, he said he would take a look at the script and maybe work on it remotely.

A month or so passed, and Myles made his great trek across the U.S. During this time, I really had no direct communication with him. From what I understand, he had gone to L.A. and the program his college had placed him in really showed him what "the industry" was like. He became disillusioned with the prospect of spending more time there than he felt necessary, and came back earlier than expected. Continuing this series of life-altering events, shortly after arriving back in Texas, his long-term relationship ended; needless to say The Crew took a back seat during this time. Myles and Catalina spent quite a while working through things and really reframing the future he had set in stone. It was a very difficult time for Myles, and I don't presume to speak for him – I'm just glad he came home to be with family and with P-Dog (our dog Precious).

2016 was wrapping up, we were entering the holiday season, and to take all our collective minds off things we decided to present him once more with the idea for The Crew. He reluctantly agreed to help, at the promise of future riches. It was a cheap ploy on my part, but not a false one! I wholeheartedly believed then and now that The Crew will be a phenomenon – just wait and see! For a while, we would write and not a lot would get done. That's not to say that we weren't trying, but it was grueling work. Sometimes we would spend hours trying to write one or two lines. This was by no means a representation of our talents, but instead it was reflective of our or collective mental states. Thankfully, as time progressed, Myles became more comfortable with Catalina’s and my writing style (VERY improvisational) and one night it all came together! After a particularly productive evening I remember Myles texting Catalina and telling her that he had read over the script and he thought it was not just good, but he thought it was great! He said it was unlike anything he'd ever seen on TV! This was the moment I'd been waiting for – not just the confirmation that he saw what we had seen in The Crew, but that he was now a part of it! He was now responsible for helping us make something completely unique and transformative, and no one would be able to take that away from him.

I realize now that this is very Myles-centric, but it had to be; the things that came after this have really seemed like a whirlwind. Everything has moved so fast, changed so much, and we're still only at the beginning! Seeing these old photos of Myles and I make me glad that everything that has happened, has happened. I feel like we're becoming a family again, and to me, that's more important than any amount of money, fame, or notoriety.

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