General Auditions, #Tim4Crisper, and Set Schedules!

It's a bit comical to start off this blog post by opening with our commitment to having set stricter schedules for podcasts and livestreams - especially after the delay in rerecording this week - but it is necessary! Moving forward, we have agreed to keep the biweekly livestreams on Wednesdays at 7:30 PM CST, and new podcasts will be available on SoundCloud, iTunes, and YouTube by 9 AM CST every Tuesday. Now that a few things have shifted around on our end, we know how to better plan and utilize our time to provide consistent content for our amazing supporters. Thank you all so much for always bringing your creative energy!

In an almost predictable turn of events, we've started a campaign to try and cast Tim Allen as Mr. Crisper. If you haven't already, listen to our podcasts and watch the most recent livestream to get to know more about the "hero no one asked for". We're asking our supporters to join us in tweeting Tim the above image of Mr. Crisper every Thursday until he joins The Crew! Be sure to include us in your tweet and let's get him cast!

Finally, in an effort to continue to cast an even wider net, we are launching our General Auditions page today! We want to work with those who support The Crew, and we believe that by encouraging our fans to submit the voices they naturally play around with, it will inspire us to continue creating heroes and other smaller/recurring roles. We can't wait to hear the submissions and we'll be sure to share all the great finds!