Updates! Auditions! Fan Art! Shoutouts!

Where do we begin?! The countless phenomenal auditions? The first piece of fan art? The support of a few Comic Book Men?!

WHEW! We made it through our first week with The Crew and it has been full of wonderful surprises and an outpouring of support that we didn't anticipate so soon. This week we will begin reaching out to a few individuals but by no means have we made any final decisions. Additionally, we would like to make clear to everyone that casting will continue throughout the entire series even for smaller/reoccurring roles and those that first auditioned for our principal characters will be used to give as many of our supporters an opportunity to be a part of The Crew.

On a different note, one of our wonderful early supporters @becca_zabolio tweeted us this beautiful drawing of Matty. Feel free to tweet us and share your drawings too! Who knows - we might just use them in an episode!

And finally, we would be remiss if we didn't say a big Thank You to Michael Zapcic, Ming Chen, and Kevin Smith for the likes and retweets in support of former SMODCO animator and now creator/animator of The Crew, Jose Briseno. 

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