Record Your Audition

As is standard practice, please slate your name, age, and role for which you are auditioning at the beginning of your recording. Once you've familiarized yourself with what you'll be reading, record yourself performing as the character. We strongly recommend recording in a quiet space free of fans, A/C, and outside noise. A smart phone is an acceptable device to use for your preliminary audition. However, if you are selected to move forward for a second reading, you may be required to purchase some minor recording equipment at your own expense if do you not already own it.

Upload and Submission

After your audition has been recorded, take the file and upload it to a third party site. Examples of these sites include YouTube, SoundCloud, DropBox, Google Drive, iCloud, etc. When the file has been successfully uploaded, you will paste the link in the designated field below. Please note that you must fill out the form entirely to be considered for a role.


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Rules for Applicants:
Applicants must be an American citizen and eighteen years or older to be considered for available voice acting positions.

Submission Guidelines:
Applicants may submit up to three audio auditions per available role. The applicant understands that by submitting materials, in any form, to Arte Fact Production that they may be used publicly for commercial purposes. The applicant agrees to waive all claims to ownership, and compensation for auditions/materials submitted, and understands that Arte Fact Production has a creative precedent that is already established. By submitting materials the applicant agrees to waive all claims to creative influence over any current and/or future project. Open auditions will continue at the discretion of Arte Fact Production.