Tell Us If This Sounds Familiar

You just got home from a long day at work/school/the salt mines, and you flip on TV to find... nothing to watch. Thousands of shows lay at your fingertips, but nothing interests you. Or, maybe you’re finally sitting down to watch that show your friend told you about and... it’s actually kind of boring. That’s where we were - looking for something amazing to watch, ready to get lost in a fun, exhilarating world that didn’t seem to exist anywhere on TV. For every landmark, era-defining show, viewers have to sift through countless hours of bargain bin programming that make you wonder, "Who would watch this?!" Arte Fact Production was founded with three simple rules: tell satisfying, emotionally resonant stories, painstakingly perfect each detail, and ensure everything we create remains timeless.

These should be requisite standards for any show, yet year after year, it seems like they're being abandoned. At Arte Fact, here's how we aim to change that:

Great Storytelling

This is the key to every narrative project ever created. Great storytelling extends beyond sharp dialogue, clever plotting, or compelling social commentary; above all else, it is steeped in truth. We hold this principle in such high regard that it is the basis for our name: Art é Fact.

Attention to Detail

We believe that by meticulously reviewing each detail, we create a richer and more vibrant experience for the viewer. "Great" isn't good enough - at Arte Fact, we aim to craft every story to be as close to perfect as possible. Acute attention to what many would consider "throwaway" details can transform a flavor-of-the-month show into a potentially transformative piece of art.

Make It Timeless

When something is timeless, it can be enjoyed years from now and still be considered relevant. Many forms of media lose sight of this and take shortcuts to achieve "relatability" by pandering to trends and current events. Arte Fact set out with the goal of allowing our stories to exist independent from the constraints of “real” time, and by doing so, the audience is free to let their minds escape as well.

We believe that by establishing these fundamentals, we've set the stage to tell legendary stories. As we move forward, you'll be getting a behind-the-scenes look at every step of Arte Fact's creative process. We're excited to have you along.

Come dream with us!